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This book reports the sources of personal visions of two educational leaders and how their visions reflect in their leadership practices in Karachi, Pakistan. Vision is considered as most powerful foundation in career development because it provides directions and gives meaning to our work. All leaders have the capacity to create a compelling vision but few of them have the ability to transform their visions into reality. The question arises here that what are the sources, which influence educational leaders to develop their focused personal visions. A comparative case study approach is employed to study the cases. The study reveals that their personal visions were to enhance the capacities of teachers, head teachers and teacher educators. The findings of the study suggested that personal values, interests, needs, role models and educational exposures influenced both educational leaders to develop their personal visions. The findings also revealed that the educational leaders also have had the leadership style of empowering, developing shared visions, collaborative decision making, individual stimulation, setting directions and providing professional development opportunities.

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