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The task of assigning appropriate nomenclature for the discipline of media and communication has been debatable. In America and some countries, the term ‘mass communication’ is being used to describe the academic study that deals with the act of disseminating information to the audience. However, in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe, the term ‘media and communication’ is traditionally used. Whatever, name being used, the fact remains that they are all pointing toward the concept of ‘mass media’. This book is concerned with the fact that most academic departments under different appellations are actually studying the mass media kind of communication like Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, and as such, a generic term of ‘mass media communication’ should be more appropriate. This is because those studying ‘mass communication’ or ‘media and communication’ are actually being taught the mass media channels used for mass communication. For the body of knowledge to be assembled towards a vibrant and strong academic orientation, the use of the concept of ‘mass media communication’ needs to be adopted. The book is of great value to all media students and academics globally.

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