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India is land of diversity religious, regional, cultural etc. political parties have important role in ensuring the effective and inclusive representation and participation of these diversified people in Indian Parliamentary Democracy. it is because the role of Indian National Congress in freedom struggle of India that it has gained dominance over the electoral mandate of India in post-independence era. The coalition is directly reflecting the growing regional aspirations and demands. It is an awakening of people towards the development of their region and addressing their grievances. Coalition government has both positive and negative impact. It is effective for enhanced participation, decentralization, political awareness and education, etc. the other side consequences of coalition government is Hung legislature/ parliament, sudden fall of government, cabinet fissures, weak centre etc. it is in view of these impacts coalition in J&K being analysed as therapy for democratic activity, whether it proved fruitful in strengthening democracy in J&K or influenced otherwise. PDP and Congress was first ever successful coalition government formed in J&K completed almost full term.

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