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In the present study, formulation of Fast dissolving film containing antihistaminic drug Desloratadine was designed to achieve immediate release of drug from the dosage form, to increase therapeutic efficacy and to improve patient compliance in case of allergy. The combination of drug with suitable polymers such as HPMC E-5 and HPMC E-15 helps in providing quick onset of action. The basic aim of this work is to produce immediate release action of drug from the film. Fast dissolving film was prepared by solvent casting method using PEG 400 as plasticizer. A full factorial design was used to study the effect of HPMC E-5 and HPMC E-15 on disintegration time, thickness and folding endurance of the film. The responses were analyzed using ANOVA and by the polynomial equation. All the formulations were then evaluated for disintegration time, weight variation, and drug content and dissolution studies. Stability study shows that there was no significant change in physical appearance, disintegration time, thickness, drug content and In vitro drug release of the formulation. Fast dissolving film is an innovative concept for quick release of the drug.

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