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Revision with unchanged content. Public diplomacy seeks to advance U.S. foreign policy through information outreach and cultural understanding. This project provides an action plan for public diplomacy within the context of a global information revolution. The concepts of public diplomacy are divided into immediate and long-range communication strategies as well as long-term relationship-building strategies. Organizational strategies are divided into government directed, quasi-government directed, and non-government directed programs. This project is grounded in the history of public diplomacy and is set within the technological and environmental circumstances that both empower and constrain its reinvigoration. This robust action plan includes proposals for management, leadership, and funding as well as multiple communication and relationship-building strategies. This action plan is essentially driven by the ultimate importance of changing the hearts and minds of peoples, societies, and cultures around the world by creating a situation in which “the last three feet” in human contact can achieve meaningful, long-lasting results. Practitioners, scholars, and researchers of public diplomacy.

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