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16.8 Million RGB Color Backlight You can set different color modes just according your favor. With RGB LED lights built under the keys, you can make your keyboard unique from others. Full Mechanical Blue Switches With 50 million times long press life, 60 gram trigger pressure and 2.5mm trigger range, the full mechanical blue switch is the best choice for the players. Comfortable Arm Support Board Designed to relax and rest your arms, the arm support board comes with the keyboard. Your arms will no more feel tired after long time typing or gaming. All Key Strikes Without Collision Even at a minimum chance, you can press all the keys at one time and there will be no collision for typing. Easy typing and input, no more worry for the key collisions. Dual USB Port Adapting premium material, the cable is durable to different temperature. The dual USB port can provide enough current to the keyboard for both typing and lighting. Full Programmable Keys Any key on the keyboard can be programmed to certain functions and colors. With the professional software, you can choose the best settings according to your need. Specification Brand MOTOSPEED Model CK88 Mechanical Switch Blue Backlight RGB Switch Lifetime 50 million times stroke Keys 104 Trigger Range 2.2±0.6mm Trigger Pressure 50±15g Product Weight 1653g Product Size 506 x 242 x 52.5mm Operation System Window Vista/7/8, Mac OS
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