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motospeed ck104 mechanical keyboard gamer usb wired rgb backlight russian gaming keyboard for computer 104 keys anti ghosting купить по лучшей цене

video MOTOSPEED CK104 is a high-grade mechanical gaming keyboard, adds multiple colors backlight for gamers. The blue switch is specified designed for those whose personal taste can make a mechanical keyboard for user and provide a tactile and click feedback. And anti-ghosting ensures accurate game playing. Blue Switch Comes with renowned Blue switches for tactile and clicky feedback, as well as over 50 million keystrokes life cycle for ultimate durability and reliability. RGB Backlight Adjustable multi-color backlit systerm makes it a very amazing shining mechanical keyboard. Full N-Key Rollover Function It can have multiple keys pressed at the same time. Ergonomic Design Add a series of shortcut function keys cooperated with FN key. Aluminum Alloy Material It is designed to protect your keyboard from any kinds of damage that may occur. Compatibility Great for Computer, PC, Laptop and more. Specification Name Gaming Keyboard Brand MOTOSPEED Model Inflictor CK104 Number of Keys 104 Interface USB Keyboard Connectivity Technology USB Cable Axis Mechanical axis Material Aluminum alloy Cable Length About 1.8m Switch Life Over 50 million cycles Tactile Yes Clicky Yes Other Features RGB backlight, anti-ghosting, ergonomic design Application Desktop, laptop Product Weight 1200g Package Weight 1250g Product Size 43.7L x 12.8W x 3.5H cm Package Size 47.3L x 16.4W x 7.0H cm Package Contents 1 x MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Keyboard
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