Lsqstar 7 car dvd player w gps rds aux swc can bus 6cdc tv bt phonebook dual zone for ford fiesta - купить  
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lsqstar 7 car dvd player w gps rds aux swc can bus 6cdc tv bt phonebook dual zone for ford fiesta купить по лучшей цене

Built-in Windows CE 6.0 & Android 4.0 dual systems; OS: Android 4.0 system; CPU: Cortex A10 1.0GHz; Memory: 1GB DDR3; DVD CPU: MSTAR 776multi-media processor main frequency exceeds 533MHz; Nand Flash: 4GB; USB 2.0 OTG HOST interface; 3D Rotating UI + PIP + DVD + SWC + ATV + iPod + BT + Radio/RDS + Telephone book + AUX IN + GPS + full SWC (Android); Video format: AVI (H.264 DIVX XVID RM RMVB MKV (H.264 DIVX XVID) WMV MOV MP4 XPEG MPG FLV (H.263 H.264); Audio format: WAVE AIFF AU MP3 MIDI WMA Real Audio VQF OggVorbis AAC APE; GPS Navigation: Support every series of Map software support 3D map; Wi-Fi surf Internet Matching for Wi-Fi receiver; Subwoofer output; 3D revolving UI (slide from left to right and from up to down); PIP (picture in picture); Touch screen monitor; Steering wheel control function; Built-in Bluetooth for mobile hands-free; Built in iPod function; Build in analog TV; Supports optional DVB-T (MPEG-2 / MPEG-4) ISDB-T ATSC; Built in GPS function; 2-Zone function the 2 program can be setting differently; Radio receiving: FM/AM can be stored 32 stations. RDS is available; USB/SD card port: support MP4DIVX JPEG MP3 and WMA playback; Car backing display: Car reverse camera input (switch automatically); Language of OSD menu with DVD: Chinese English French German Italian Spanish Russian Japanese; Operation menu of language: Chinese English Russian Italian Turkish Japanese German French Portuguese Arabic Portuguese Japanese; AV output / input: 2 video output 2 audio output 2 video input 2 audio input; Compatible with DVD DVD-R DVD-RW HDVD DVCD MP3 MP4 CD-R CD-RW VCD DIVX WMA etc. Maximal power: 4 x 50W maximum power output; File management; DVD / USB / SD copy / exchange data; Sensitive push-button well-done appearence and easy operating; Android Market provide MUMerous apps download; Real time clock function supports 12 hours and 24 hours time system; Radio Response Bandwidth: AM: 531~1629KHz FM: 87.5~108MHz
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