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The author’s native place is Srinagar (Kashmir) but view’s the world as a global village where the time-space convergence has reduced the topographical barriers and believes that an individual’s action at any place on Earth is now having a strong impact felt elsewhere or everywhere. A person’s good actions can be viewed globally, & the better treatment of the orphans is one such good deed whose kind rewards are assured both by the Prophet Muhammad (?) as well as by the Almighty Allah (The Exalted). Besides glad tidings, there are also warnings issued by the Almighty Allah for mistreatment or neglecting of the orphans. It is expected that this book will serve a purpose in generating a conscious thought amongst the society towards a greater responsibility of special and kind treatment towards the orphans as well as children without parental care. This book encompasses vital information on diverse aspects of protection of children with special emphasis on the orphans under Islamic law. Unequivocally, the information contained herein will serve as a source of information to readers of all age groups, professional or non-professional. --- Dr. Mudasir Ali | President, REFUGE, Kashmir |

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