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"First Insights into Business" is a course for students of Business English at pre-intermediate to intermediate level. It can be used as a self-contained course or as a lead-in to "New Insights into Business". The two courses take students from pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level, and provide excellent practice for major business English exams. "The First Insights Workbook" contains new revision units specially written for ВЕС Preliminary exam preparation. "First Insights into Business" offers a realistic, informative and extremely accessible approach to key business concepts, underpinned by a thorough and carefully developed language syllabus. Key features of the workbook: Revision of language and key business concepts, Answer key, Business Writing practice units. The course comprises a Students' Book with a tapescript and key, Class Cassettes, a Workbook with key, and a Teacher's Book with classroom notes and photocopiable tests.

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