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iwistao hifi digital amplifier stereo audio 2x50w support u disk tf card mp3 wav remote control 8 320kbps usb amp free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Brand Jtron Model 03100405 Quantity 1 Color Red Material PCB Specification 1 power supply system : DC 7.5V-15V power supply quiescent current 50MA maximum operating current 2A. 2 . Output Power : Dual stereo 10W * 10W (8) 3 . Playback: This unit supports USB SD card play songs MP3 WMV music format the red indicator lights for when no There are inserted U disk SD card the indicator is lit . When the insert U disk SD card the indicator light flashes to indicate normal playback. 4 . Volume control: When the volume button when clicked toward V + direction ; volume increases when the volume buttons toggle toward the V- direction When the volume is reduced. 5 . Audio Inputs: two-channel audio signal cord plugged into the audio input jack ; the other end into To an external audio output jack on the device ( such as MP3. PCs . Phones etc. ) . When not plugged into an external audio signal The playback is native songs. When you insert an external audio signal automatically disconnect the USB / SD Card . 6 function keys: The machine has an SD card / USB switch button on the one . Suspended. Following a .USB / SD conversion EQ 7 Remote support for audio input volume addition and subtraction. 8 support tracks turn off the main power the next boot from the last played track starts playing . 9 support 32-320KBPS rate supports large-capacity U disk SD card 10 . Supports PUSH-PUSH SD card pop- lengthened . Features Amplifier Board Application For your DIY project English Manual/Spec Yes Packing List 1 x Amplifier Board
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