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The effect of high frequency electromagnetic induction(EMI) and combination of it with various condition of pre-heating for sterilization of multilayer flexible pouches which were selected composition of layers for combined films and thickness of adhesive layer to improve strength and barrier properties of sealed seams has been studied. The EMI discharges square-wave pulses with variable voltage 1-20 kV/cm and different frequency(2- 4GHz ,4-6 GHz ,6-8GHz. 8-10 GHz ) has been done in step one . The effect of EMI on clostridium and bacillus is not adequate because spore of these bacteria were practically resistant ,so different condition of pre heating(80c 5min, 80c 10min,80c 15min,85c 5min ,85c 10min ,85c 15min) have been combined with 8-10GHz in step two.It is scientifically proved and experimentally shown the usage of flexible pouches and the new technology of sterilization for ready to eat meal packaging.Electromagnetic field did not influence valuably on seams tensile, but markedly acts on microbial contamination and their destruction. The populations of microorganisms depended on culture , type of treatment ,type of chick and type of culture
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