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The main objective of this book is to secure the watermark image by adding two sub layers in the existing system. In this book we have used two additive layers one for additional security of the watermark, which is RSA Encryption/Decryption and other is Huffman lossless compression to reduce the size of the watermarked image. Basically we have proposed intelligent and robust image watermarking based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) lossless compression & RSA Encryption/Decryption Algorithm. Initially algorithm takes an image embed watermark using PSO, SVD and Discrete wavelet transformation (DWT) and then, we have added two more layers one for more security which is RSA security algorithm and other is lossless Compression to reduce the size of the image to the original one. The algorithm provides best security to watermark using RSA and the size remains same due to Huffman lossless compression. The Experimental results are more secure due to two additive layers RSA and Huffman lossless compression. We also believe that this research oriented book will be very helpful for the students of intelligent watermarking and network security.

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