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This study on educational opportunities for the girl child in Africa is divided into six chapters. Chapter one provides the context in which the study is set, the objectives of the study and its importance. Chapter two examines the right to education and in education and takes note of the issue of discrimination with respect to girl child education in Africa. In chapter three, various international treaties that concern provisions on education and the discrimination factor as to gender are identified. Chapter four examines on a regional level, work done by the African Human Rights system on girl child education.In this chapter, a comparative study is done of instruments and the implementation mechanisms offered by the Inter-American and European systems to the African Human Rights system in terms of the girl child education. This is so because in terms of experience, jurisprudence and institutions, these systems are considered to be more advanced than the African Human Rights system. Chapter five discusses girl child education on a national level in Africa. This chapter focuses on the experiences of South Africa, Egypt and Cameroon. Chapter six ends the study with recommendations.
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