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Environmental Impact Assessment contains the detailed study about the adverse as well as good effects on the plants, human, animals and environment. The past failure of development planning processes to take adequate account of the detrimental impacts of economic development activities led to the advent of environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes. The purpose of these processes is to provide information to the decision makers and the public about the environmental implications of proposed actions before decisions are made. This report is related to EIA of a road project, which includes the steps of EIA, collection of basic information about the project, for determining the various possible impacts over the surrounding environment. Study is carried for the analysis of different types of pollutions like air pollution, water pollution; noise pollution also the related pollutants. Data collection of air pollutants at different locations and from collected data graphs is plotted and with that the comparison was done in between air pollutants in the atmosphere. Collection of water samples from different locations to study the water quality parameters as well as the concentration o
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