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This book has been designed to improve the methodology of EIA that involved uncertainty and impreciseness during prediction of it's parameter.The parametric information or data available from the periphery of a project are not always crisp or precise, rather linguistic & hedges.Most of the data are nonnumeric,viz. “good”,“very good”,“low”,“high”,“less”,“big”, “poor”,etc. which are fuzzy data.Naturally every decision maker hesitates more or less on every evaluation activity.At present there is no tool available to an engineers or experts by which these uncertainties can be eliminated or reduced.The aim of this book is to build up a new concept of fuzzy EIA tool to tackle this uncertainty with “degree of membership value” for all possible grades of truthness. Consequently exploring the subject Fuzzy-EIA in this book is a kind of innovative contribution in a new direction and dimension. I strongly feel that this book will highly be beneficial to both students and teachers and will also get benefit to use as a major resource for learning theory, solving problems, and initiating research projects for the UG/PG programmes and research scholar in various fields.
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