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This is a dissertation work that has used a Case study of Eastern Africa (EA) EIA Expertise Database (www.ira-eaaia.org) at the Institute of Resource Assessment, University of Dar es salaam to evaluate major role of database in promoting regional EIA practice. That was due to importance of EIA that is now considered globally to be among major environmental management tools used for guiding environmental protection as well as providing means for achieving sustainable developments. Generally, the study assessed relevance and adequacy of EIA information in the EA EIA Expertise database system as well as its role in promoting EIA practice in the region; achievement level in performing database work; management approach planned and practiced in implementing database work, and respondent's opinions for enabling sustainability and better performance of EIA database work. Research methodology used questionnaires, interviews and review of literatures. Results show that EIA database framework was effectively designed to input EIA information but it lacks sufficient data for undertaking EIA studies effectively. More information is thus needed in the EIA database.

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