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This book discusses the historical development of South African indigenous choral music. The purpose is to demonstrate how South African indigenous choral music composers, in their attempt to establish some choral tradition that would determine their cultural identities, tried to incorporate indigenous musical elements of their own people?s music into their choral works. In particular, it explores the foundations and the historical development of choral music as an art amongst Vhavenda, and the contributions thereto by a number of past and present Venda composers. It was also crucial for the book to highlight the place of the selected compositions within the context of Venda historical and cultural foundations; hence it also traces the history, culture, customs and indigenous music traditions of the people to which the composers in question belong. Whilst South African indigenous choral music is frequently performed, compared to other art forms, it is infrequently taught in South African schools and tertiary institutions. It is comparatively less-researched and very less-published in South Africa. This book contributes to the sparse body of knowledge on South African choral music.

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