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The power conservation in MANET has emerged as one of the promising quality of service solutions for future next generation wireless networking systems. This research commenced with a historical review of the existence of mobile adhoc networking as well as the technical challenges affecting the performance of the network. More specifically, the history of power conservation was presented in the literature. Furthermore,an overview of the advances in power techniques was provided, where some of the associated contributions found in the literature were outlined and acknowledged.The state of the art review of power conservation as well as impact of traffic and mobility models further discussed the specific limitations of existing techniques designed for MANET’s systems.More specifically,this research investigates the MANET’s vulnerability due to its fundamental characteristics of open wireless medium, constantly changing network topology, distributed and cooperative communication and inherently constrained power capabilities, which manifest in the exhaustible sources of power. The research describes some of these technical challenges that affect the MANET’s performance.

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