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Color White + Red Brand OthersLiHuang Model LH-X2 Material ABS Quantity 1 Piece Shade Of Color White Gyroscope Yes Channels Quanlity 4 Channels Function UpDownLeftRightForwardBackwardHoveringSideward flightOthers360 Remote control frequency 2.4GHz fps Remote Type Radio Control Remote Control Range 100 m Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Suitable Age 8-11 Years12-15 YearsGrownups Battery Capacity 120 mAh Battery Type Li-polymer battery Charging Time 1 Hour Working Time 8 minutes Model Mode1Mode2 Remote Control Type Included Remote Controller Battery Type AA Remote Controller Battery Number 6 (not included) Other Features Built-in 6-Axis gyroscope accurate positioning; Optical control function speed switch function HD camera with 30W pixel. Packing List 1 x R/C Quadcopter 1 x Remote controller 1 x Card reader 1 x SD card (1GB) 4 x Blades 1 x Charging cable (60cm) 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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